Second Floor – PLEASE?

I rarely “feel my age” – in fact, most people guess my age at least a decade younger than my true 55 years… Today, however? I feel EVERY MINUTE of 55…


 (tonight, utilizing this chart, I am a “26” – yeah, ouch!)

See, today my business partner and I began Day One of a two-day design installation – it is a great job but, without going into too many details, I am proud to say we were on top of OUR game.

The elevator install guy? Not so much…

The painters? Not so much…

The electricians? Not so much…

ribbon(to all the workmen done on schedule, I thank you!)

Yeah, we carted probably no less than forty pieces of furniture – including a queen size mattress and box spring set – up two flights of stairs, in the middle of a construction site. It was fun (not).


(Tell me again how “glamorous” interior design is? Tell me, please?)

Understandably, tonight – now in my fourteenth hour of being awake – and after loading/unloading a van and a car, driving 8o-something miles in a U-Haul round trip and climbing enough steps to qualify for some sort of 5K award, I am kinda’ beat. Tuckered-out. Spent. Exhausted. You get the picture… I feel fifty-five. Fifty-five PLUS fifty-five, actually.

OK, I’m off to bed – not to carry one, but to sleep in one.

pillows(I can hear those fluffy pillows singing my name softly in the next room…)

One last thing, before I forget:

The Universe smiled favorably on my Sweetie and I today. One more hurdle crossed in our journey to stay together, forever. So, THANKS up there!  Today has been awesome…

Sample I-20


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