No More Double Baggin’

I would like to take a departure from my recent warm-and-fuzzy, holiday-inspired posts to discuss something that irritates me beyond, well, beyond beyond. Plastic.Grocery.Bags.

plastic bagYeah, these things. Regrettably, I am not as responsibly “green” as I should be – I know we are supposed to use reusable canvas bags but half the time ours are full of laundry, left behind at the apartment or otherwise anywhere but in the back of the car when we go shopping. So we get stuck with these stupid things.

I re-use them for our recycling; we ARE trying to make the world cleaner and better…

Anyway, today my Beloved and I spent over five hours grocery and holiday shopping (Whaddya’ know? This post IS holiday-themed after all!) We visited five retail and grocery stores total – we had a few remaining gifts to buy and were buying groceries for now thru 26 December… Anyway, when we got home, we had 21 bags of merchandise that came home in 43 – yes, FORTY-THREE – bags. How you ask?

Virtually every single bag was “doubled” and one was even “tripled” (the milk!) I mean, listen, I get it – bags cost money so retailers buy the CHEAPEST bags they can. But, really – if your employees wind up double and triple bagging every single purchase, I cannot fathom the savings.

I suspect there are none.

So listen, retailers – you big box giants and little Mom-n-Pop’s alike: Step up your “bag budget.” Treat yourself – and your customers – to bags that have a greater density than a sneeze. I think in the long run you will actually SAVE money and make customers happy. At least this one you will!

Santa knows – a sturdy bag is a good investment! (Look – another holiday reference. YEAH!)

Santa and his bag

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