Glitter Bombed

So, if it is possible to rate “Christmas-yness” on a scale of 1 to 100, our house is at 120. I fear if I stand still long enough, my husband will decorate me with a string of lights, garland and some ornaments (and I LOVE him so much for that!) Anyway…

Given the season – and my recent tasks – I feel like I have been dipped in glitter. I mean, it is EVERYWHERE. We have glitter Christmas ornaments,

glitter deerThis trio of glitter-covered, quirky golden Christmas trees adorns our dining room table,

glitter trees

And as if that weren’t enough, tonight I FINALLY finished our Christmas cards – one hundred and thirty-seven cards, all with glitter on them. As a result, my ample lap was covered with green glitter by the time I finished,

glitter card(Not our actual card, BTW. In total, we sent one hundred and fifty-eight cards!)

So, as you can imagine, glitter is everywhere – on our clothes, on our faces, on our furniture, everywhere. Thing is? It makes me smile. I ran some errands earlier today and when I got back, I looked in a mirror and saw green glitter on my face/in my beard. I liked my sparkle-y face; for a minute, I felt like one of the Twilight vampires caught in daylight…

My holiday tasks are almost complete; I fear the glitter cloud will subside over the next day or two. Until then, I will enjoy it as much as I can and am sending you some glitter to enjoy as well. Merry merry, everyone!

glitter bomb

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