What the Elf?

Christmas is only five days away. Five days. So, I think (suspect?) most people have been inundated with all kinds of traditional, iconic holiday images: snowmen, reindeer, Santa’s, stockings, snowflakes, sleighs – well, you get it. Everybody has a Christmas symbol they like the most. For me, it’s elves. I love them…

I am fascinated by/almost obsessed with elves. I’m not sure why, but I am crazy for them. My first remembrance of elves were these “old skool” guys – elves like these held a place of honor on my grandparents’ mantles, and on the sideboard at my parents’ house:

Old skool elvesAs I got older, these guys had kids that grew up to become “The Elf on the Shelf.”

It makes sense to me that elves would be featured in a children’s book – I have loved them since I was a child. I like all elves – European elves:

Stockholm elvesAs well as these super sweet elves made from clothes pins:

clothespin elves

And plush elves are also kinda’ nice – they have a certain sweet “softness” that I find especially appealing:

many elves

pair of elvesBut the elf I think I love the MOST is my own little Christmas elf, my beloved husband. He has been running around like crazy for weeks, putting out decorations, trimming the tree, cleaning our house, planning our Christmas Eve dinner/Christmas Day activities – all of it. I am excited to be spending this Christmas with him, and look forward to a lifetime more.

This is how I hope we will always spend Christmas:

two elf friends

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