Please Have Your Ticket Ready

I feel a little like I am getting ready to fly…

You know that feeling, when you have checked in at the airport, and are waiting in the passenger herding corral near the gate, waiting for the boarding calls to begin? If you are like me, you are excited and anxious, relieved and nervous – just waiting for the big adventure to begin…

That is how I feel today. Like I am waiting to be called, waiting to “cross over” the threshold into the next magical 72 hours that will be Christmas 2013 for me.

philadelphia-christmas-village-in-love-parkMy beloved husband has worked like a dog this month – he has single-handedly decorated our entire home, and cleaned about 99% of it, top to bottom (in the European tradition, one must start the New Year with one’s house in order – and that means a thorough cleaning!) I did help a little today – I wrapped all our family gifts for tomorrow and polished some tarnished silver candle holders. After I post this blog, I will be doing some vacuuming.

I know – sounds exhausting, right?

Anyway, tomorrow is my family Christmas at my parents’ house. This will be our last holiday there; my Dad has decided to downsize and move into a condo. I have mixed emotions about it but will celebrate tomorrow with my siblings, all our spouses and five of my seven nieces and nephews. It will be fun fun fun. Then, there may be some last-minute Christmas shopping late tomorrow night but from Christmas Eve morning till I return to work on 28 December, I plan to spend the majority of the time in my pajamas, eating, watching movies, eating some more, flipping through magazines, maybe “nibbling” a bit, taking naps and – most importantly of all – being with my Sweetie. We’re looking forward to this time together.

Santa's villageI have to confess, I am a pretty lame Santa this year – my Sweetie is getting a few small things but nothing too big. I guess we both realized that, while we are far (and I mean F-A-R) from being rich, we are able to enjoy a nice life together. This past year has been a wee bit daunting, finances-wise, as we not only relocated my business, we also filed a spousal-based green card petition for my husband so we can be together, forever, with no problems. Both those undertakings were just a little costly so we are having a more low-key Christmas.

But honestly? I have everything I want:

A man that loves me like crazy and that I love in the same way.

Two families that love and supports us – both as individuals and as a couple.

The MOSamazing circle of friends that make up our “family of choice.”

I’m partners in a business that, while not “‘exploding,” is doing OK in this economy.

We are both in good health. I need to get some glasses and trim down a bit but I am almost two year’s cancer-free, and remain optimistic that nothing will change in that regard.

Things continue to “look up” and get better every day…

So, I guess that while I have been a lame Santa this year for Martin, The Universe Santa has been pretty good to us both. And that is awesome… Merry Christmas!

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