The M-L Holiday Extravaganza 2013

Well, Christmas is now mere days away. I know this not only because I can “read” a calendar but because tonight was also the annual M-L (Morgan-Lamm) Holiday Extravaganza 2013. This party is THE holiday gathering of the season – every year, it just gets better and better and this year was no exception…

My Beloved and I arrived about 8:15P, just as the party was “hitting its stride.” A bountiful table was covered with delicious foods and sweets and the signature vodka “punch” was killer, too. The house was filled to the rafters with festive party-goers:

Big office partyThe place was PACKED with friends, some old and some new. Martin and I were pleased to see everyone but especially happy to see two old friends that have moved to Atlanta – they are in town for the holidays and their presence at the party made a super-duper evening well, um, fantabulous. Later, as the crowd thinned a bit, we got to spend time with our hosts, Scott and Joe, and thank them for a kick-ass party. The evening was super fun.

vintage office partyAs the party began to wind down, I looked at my husband (that I love very much), our dear friends (too numerous to mention all by name here) and our surroundings – a gorgeous house, filled with the two things I live for – love, and Christmas – and realized that I am a very lucky guy…

I am lucky enough to share my life with a one-of-a-kind guy, my one-and-only. We have a great circle of friends that love and support us. And we are blessed to live in a city and time when we can all meet and celebrate without fear.

It is already my best Christmas ever!

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