Christmas Eve 2013

Today is Christmas Eve. I have had an absolutely lovely day with my husband, Martin. As is our tradition, we stayed in today/tonight, just the two of us, prepared/enjoyed an amazing dinner in the Polish tradition (which essentially means more food than anyone can possibly eat in one sitting!), opened our small gifts to one another and are now just trying to stay awake long enough to go to bed…

It has been an amazing day. And I thank The Universe for it. 

I am a lucky guy, and I know it…

For anyone out there who is alone tonight, either because they do not have a special someone, or maybe because they are separated from that person for whatever reason, my wish is that this be your last Christmas Eve spent this way. Love really is the most special gift of all, and I hope that everyone that reads this blog knows love – or finds it soon.

I often joke with Martin that he is my present every day (but especially at Christmas!) and I mean it. He is magic. He is special. He is mine and I am his…

I go to sleep tonight in love and loved in return, and it is pretty dang fantastic. Aside from all the usual, “PC wishes” for the new year – end of conflict, equality for everyone, clean drinking water everywhere, etc. – I hope that everyone can experience the joy I feel today, and every day.

Speaking of being PC (politically correct), it is now PC to extend greetings like, “Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.” Forget that – I say “MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!” 


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