Boxing Day/Second Christmas Day

One of the many joys of being married to someone “non-American” is being exposed to a different culture and experiencing new traditions and holidays with your loved one. Today is one of those days for me: Boxing Day, or Second Christmas Day as it is known in Poland.boxing-dayAs it turns out, Boxing Day or Second Christmas Day has nothing to do with burning boxes; Boxing Day has its own traditions and history (click here) and Second Christmas Day is celebrated, at least by my husband’s family, as a day-long marathon of visiting with friends and loved ones you didn’t get to see on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

boxingdayIt is a lovely tradition, Second Christmas Day, and although we didn’t do any visiting today, my beloved is Face-timing with his sister-in-law even as I write this, six time zones away. (Those Polish – they take Second Christmas Day very seriously, LOL!) And, it turns out, our package of Christmas gifts from Europe arrived today so that event, coupled with a slowly-dwindling supply of delicious Christmas Eve left-overs, made the day feel like Christmas.

It has been a super great holiday so far. 2014? You have a LOT to live up to; this has been a pretty great year for me/us… We are waiting to see “what you got.” 

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