2013 – A Brief Review

Here it is, the first day of 2014. Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s celebration and that we are all blessed with a great 2014! As it is the first day of the new year, I feel like a bit of reflection on the past 365 is in order…

ListNo need to grab a pencil and paper – note-taking is not necessary, LOL!

One year ago today, I began my year-long 365 Blog Project, the goal being to blog at least once a day for an entire year. I am happy to report that I met that goal, with a few additional posts along the way. An entire year of my life, documented in words and images, for posterity to enjoy (as long as WordPress exists, LOL!) I must admit – 2013 was quite a year for me…

My opening blog entry described my beloved Martin as my “life-partner.” I am now pleased to share that he is LEGALLY my HUSBAND. Through a serious of long-overdue legal events in 2013, Martin and I were finally able to legally wed in New York state in August 2013, on our fifth anniversary of being a couple. It was – without a doubt – the single, most significant event of 2013, and my life, period. I love that guy…

heart feetThe day of our wedding, my feet left and Martin’s right, standing on a heart-adorned manhole cover in Jamestown, NY, 08 August 2013 – minutes after becoming husband and husband!

And as a result of those legal changes, we are in the final stages of acquiring a green card for Martin, so we no longer have to fear being torn apart because of America’s ridiculously outdated and discriminatory immigration laws. I thank The Universe every day that these changes happened. It truly was a blessing and life saver for couples like us.

In 2013, my business partner and I also relocated our design studio and office. That was a hella’ pain in the ass, but necessary and, so far? A good decision.

Opening PicOur signature green on a wall, me sporting some serious googles and my business partner manning the U-Haul Truck, That’s right – we got swagg…

I am hoping that The Universe will continue to shine on BOTH these endeavors for me and that 2014 will be the best year, both personally and professionally, for me ever. Now, a few more highs and lows from 2013.

In 2013, I lost two friends who had never met one another but were both special to me. Both passages left me stunned and opened my eyes to how quickly life can change. It reminded me to never take one minute of living for granted. Wendy, Dan? I will miss you and remember you always.

That said, to prove The Universe is fair and just, I welcomed two NEW lives into mine in 2013 – my great nephew, Emmitt, and Martin’s first niece, Amelka. Both are beautiful, amazing children (aren’t ALL children beautiful and amazing though?) and these two little boogers reminded me to always see the beauty in every moment. To watch a baby discover that s/he can, I don’t know, clap or laugh or talk – it is moving, it is amazing, it is a miracle. I am thankful for these two new little miracles in our lives.

two flowersThese flowers represent the two new flowers in our lives, Amelka and Emmitt.

My family and friends continue to be loving and supportive of my relationship, my business and me, so I don’t know if I could ask for more.

I did suffer from an extended period of deep depression from late July thru mid September of last year. I think there were a number of factors that prompted that episode but I managed to (finally) pull out of it and am now as positive and optimistic as I have ever been. Thanks to everyone that helped me through, especially my dear Martin. He is my guardian angel on earth.

My goal to lose 55 pounds in 2013 was, as they say, an epic failure. All told, I have a net weight loss for all of 2013 of 2.4 pounds. Not my best effort but I have recommitted and am confident that 2014 will be a banner year in “healthy living” for me. Stay tuned…

feet on scalesNot my feet (although I wish that were my weight!) And could this guy use a pedi or what?

While I know there will be more reflection and thoughts on 2013, that is enough for now. As far as the whole 365 Blog Project goes, I feel I succeeded 100%+ – and actually have come to love blogging. It is relaxing and definitely a bit cathartic for me. Going forward in 2014, I am not sure if my blog direction will narrow, maybe being more design or relationship focused, or if I will continue to be scattered around all over the place.

I’m thinking scattered…

In any event, THANK YOU for being on this journey with me. THANK YOU for helping change the world thru your actions and commitments (I like to think that I generally inspire others). And most of all, THANK YOU for just being. One of my personal resolutions for 2014 is to acknowledge that I am unique and rare and special. We are ALL unique and rare and special – give that to yourself, own it and embrace it. We are all in this together so let the journey into 2014 begin…


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