Let The Sun Shine

For those that follow my blog daily, yesterday’s post was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek comment on my lousy mood lately – not the “cry for help” that many took it to be… Mea Culpa. I sometimes forget that not everyone reading this blog knows me personally (I feel like we are ALL good friends) so maybe my sense of humor escapes those not subjected to it often. Anyway, I am fine and my mental health is no better or worse than ever. That said,

I do sometimes wonder if I might have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the “Winter Blues.” I got a number of suggestions to “seek the light” yesterday. Today was, for the most part, sunny and – to be honest – I DID seek the light. My Sweetie and I were out and about by 9AM on this crisp, sunny Saturday morning. It was definitely a pleasure seeing the sunlight reflect off all that whiteness (although “someone” was mad that he had forgotten his sunglasses, LOL!) After a few errands and an early lunch, we arrived back home about 2PM. My Angel had plans with friends so he left about 2:30PM and – here’s the crazy part – after he left, I bundled up, brushed off a patio chair and sat outside in the sunlight for about 30 minutes. It.Was.Awesome… 

snowmanlawnchair(not actually me but I think you get my drift, pun intended…)

The air was clean and crisp, the world was white – white snow, white noise – and the sun felt great on my face and hands. I’m still not totally convinced about the whole lack-of-sunlight “thing” but I will say, I felt renewed, energized and happier after those 30 minutes…

I hope tomorrow the weather is similar – I’d love to go for a walk with my Sweetie in the snow and sunlight. That would be fun; I’ll just be sure he remembers to bring his sunglasses…

sunny winter landscape

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