Post-Christmas Carnage

I saw them for the first time today. It seems like it happens earlier and earlier every year.

I swear, I saw at least eight or nine of them during my travels this afternoon. And, as always, my heart broke every time I saw one, out in the cold and wet, abandoned and forgotten, usually on the tree lawn but sometimes actually in the road. It is a crime, really…

tree one That’s right. “Dead” Christmas trees. The pine needle carnage I witnessed today was almost unbearable. As someone who loves Christmas, I have always hated this time of year. I think I suffer from like “Holiday Post-Partum Depression.” I get really sad.

I just guess I never really understood how Christmas trees so lovingly selected, so carefully decorated, so loved and adored thru all of December can be so quickly kicked to the curb – and I mean, KICKED to the curb – mere days after Christmas. I mean, talk about love it and leave it. Wow.

It is estimated that a 6-7 foot Christmas tree can take as long as ten years to growTEN YEARS! That’s a decade of living, reduced to maybe 30 days of purpose. And once that purpose is over come 26 December, it’s a race to “get the tree down” and out of the house before it loses all its needles. It’s just so sad to me. Ten days ago, that tree brought joy to your face; now you grumble the whole time you are dragging it out to the garbage…

tree twoI guess what makes me so sad is that something that was once so loved and so adored is now, unceremoniously and without respect, reduced to garbage. It’s wrong; no tree deserves to be treated like that. Show spent trees some respect; honor their purpose and sacrifice.

I did see one tree lovingly “put to rest” today. It looked to be a 7-footer, wrapped respectfully in a white tree bag, placed with purpose on the tree lawn and – best of all – the tree bag had a huge red bow attached. I almost stopped my car and went to thank the homeowners but I knew they would think me a lunatic…

Please – if it’s too late this year then next year – let your “live tree” move to the “Great Mulch Bin in the Sky” with dignity and decorum. Use a live tree bag before disposing of your tree and, before you seal it shut and take it to the street, take a moment to remember the days and weeks it brought you joy. You will be happy you did.

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