With Regrets to P.E.T.A.

I know it is not “PC” (politically-correct) to wear or even like fur in apparel but – just for today (and maybe the next few days) – I would TOTALLY throw PC-ness to the wind and wear ALL of these things items.

On my near-bald head…


On my perpetually-cold (even in summer) feet…Boots

Something warm to keep “me middle toasty…” coat

And finally, for my big mitts, these bigger mittens… MittensHeck, I’d even be happy to wear the sweater shown with the mittens above – cable knit wool is ALWAYS PC, right? During this deep freeze, remember to dress warmly and if you can be fashionable as well, good for you!

And listen – maybe all these items are faux fur? I kinda’ hope they are!!!

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