Enough Polar Already

For the past few days, it seems that every time I catch a few minutes of the news – especially the weather segments – all I keep hearing about is the dreaded “polar vortex.” 

Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex. Ugh.

Polar VortexTo be honest, I’m not sure what the Hell the polar vortex even IS, but could we talk about something else “polar” for a while? How about Polar Owls? They are beautiful…

Polar OwlOr how about polar bears? I mean, who doesn’t love cute-n-cuddly polar bears?

Polar BearAnd I know something ABOUT polar bears – like how they are endangered and need protection, just like the rest of the world will need protection if everyone doesn’t STOP TALKING ABOUT THE POLAR VORTEX! It makes me a little crazy…

Bipolar BearI can BEAR-ly (get it?) maintain my pleasant demeanor when the conversation turns to things “polar,” unless it is about one of my favorite TV personalities, Amy Pohler:

Amy PohlerShe’d be fun to talk about… Heck, at this point, I’d even “enjoy” Polar Kipper Snacks rather than discuss the polar vortex…

Polar KipperIt’s WINTER, folks, you know, the season when it gets cold? How about instead of ruminating endlessly about why its happening, how about we just accept it IS happening, put on some gloves, long johns and sweaters and wait it out till it changes? It seems like that course of action would be SO much easier… Everybody just needs to CHILL OUT a bit, LOL!

One response to “Enough Polar Already

  1. Anyways, I would think that the polar bears would be thrilled about the polar vortex. Honestly, I had no idea what everyone was talking about or whether it was a real thing. I think I will stay with that notion. Funny post!

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