When Is It Enough?

I was OFF today (hooray!) and had little scheduled on my calendar other than one quick errand and organizing bills. My “BIG PROJECT” for today was to hang the two pieces of art my Sweetie and I gave to one another for Christmas. And before anyone accuses us of being pissy, elitist snobs, the art was very affordable. But they are also VERY big…

We gifted each other with two companion pieces, each 40″ square. The pieces are embellished canvas transfers from a collage artist we like. Here they are:

Art 1

Art 2So yeah, the pieces are pretty cool – Marilyn is hanging in our bedroom and Audrey Hepburn is in our TV room. They look awesome – and I actually enjoy the process/challenge of hanging art. The reality of it all is that we do have quite a few pieces of art, which brings me to the query/title of this post – When IS It Enough?

To hang those two pieces of art, I had to displace (move and re-hang) six OTHER pieces of art – my Sweetie and I just shook our heads. There is not a single, empty wall in our apartment; in fact, in many spaces the art is stacked two and three pieces deep vertically on the walls (I like that look, BTW!) But our humble home is certainly not lacking in the wall art department which made me ask myself, “Am I an art hoarder? When does it all stop? When is enough really enough?”

I blame part of the “problem” on my profession as an interior designer. I am barraged with beautiful things every day and, honestly? Sometimes (often!) it is hard to say “No!” But I do worry that maybe one day our apartment will look more like some sort of art store rather than a home – I mean, these racks are a little too hard core, am I right?

Wall Hung Art Rack

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