Silent Night, Mid-January

Today, my beloved Martin returned to school. This semester, he has two night classes on Monday nights, beginning at 6PM (class one) and ending around 10PM (class two). When one factors in that he must attend these classes on a campus that is normally about 35 minutes away but at RUSH hour, that commute turns into almost 50 minutes, well, I feel a little bad for my guy…

Turns out, I also feel a little sad for me.

Single guy alone

To be honest, it is a little too quiet here tonight without him. I mean, I know he is coming back but I really didn’t know our apartment would seem so, I don’t know, “empty” while he was at school. I guess I am more than a little spoiled – don’t get me wrong, I like my alone time as much as anyone and when we are both home, we certainly spend time working independently on projects, in different rooms, you know, things like that. But tonight the apartment seems quiet and lifeless without him here…

Maybe it’s just because we spent a lot of time together over the recent holidays. Maybe it’s because he and I both talk a lot, and it is hard talking when you are alone. Maybe it is a little flare-up of the abandonment issues I thought I had worked through during the past decade and a half of therapy. Or maybe I just need nights like this to remind me how lucky I am – how lucky WE are – and what an amazing, special guy he is…

He should be home in about two hours; I hope the first night of classes ends early. Till then, I feel kinda’ like this guy…

waiting faithful friend

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