How Can I get THAT Job?

I have a shameful confession to make – I watch much too much TV…

TV wall

I blame it a little on my profession. As an interior designer, I spend a lot of time being visually stimulated. (OK, that’s a reach, I know, but I do like looking at pretty things). I also like stories but am too lazy to read books. So I watch a lot of TV. Almost a shameful amount. If U-Verse offered a DVR that could record ALL the programs at once and download them directly into my head, I’d sign a two-year agreement for sure (and get a $300 VISA gift card!)

Part of the joy of January is the annual offering of Winter mid-season replacement series. My Sweetie and I started watching a new one tonight. During a commercial break during that program, we saw teasers for two other programs we want to start watching. In a moment of humorous truthfulness, I turned to Martin and said, “Sweetie, I am going to quit working so I can devote my entire life to TV viewing.” We both laughed and the commercials were over.

But – how DOES one get that job? I mean, how can you get paid for watching TV?

I know there are focus groups and ratings families and the like but somewhere, someone MUST get paid the big bucks to watch pilots and promotional programs, evaluate them and then move on to the NEXT video offering. I want that job. I would be SO great at that.

Long wall of TV screensI suppose the only drawback to that profession – watching TV for a living – is the big question of what to do when you get home to relax and unwind. Plus I suppose like anything, even like being an ice cream taste tester, doing the same thing day in and out takes all the joy out of it and it just becomes a job… Sigh.

Maybe I’ll remain a recreational TV viewer/ice cream taster. I hate to mess up a good thing.


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