Going for Green Card Gold

I have never been any sort of athlete, let alone a competitive swimmer or diver, but today? I feel like an Olympian standing at the edge of the board/platform – concentrating, waiting, centering and praying.

Dive 1Today my beloved husband and I went for the “mock interviews” with our attorney, in preparation for our REAL USCIS interviews on 27 January as (hopefully) the final step in our L-O-N-G journey to secure a spousal-based green card for him. After struggling for over five years to find a way to be together, despite sometimes daunting circumstances, the final goal/prize is in sight…

Dive 3We never struggled emotionally to be together – our love has always been strong. We have, however, at times struggled to physically be together (in the same country) and were fortunate to be able to make that happen these past few years. We have been far luckier than other couples in our situation, and for that, I thank The Universe every day.

We have made many, many wonderful and life-long friends along the way, friends that have helped us through emotional times, friends that have given us wise and prudent advice (both personal and legal) and friends that totally understand the challenges – and rewards – of being in a binational, same-sex couple. Hopefully all will go well. One journey will end; a new, more hopeful, exciting journey will begin.

It feels like a L-O-N-G time till 27 January but I have never been a patient guy. Till then, we are grateful every day for the time we have had, and are looking forward to what we both hope will be the unlimited time we will have ahead. No matter what happens, I know I am with my forever guy, and that makes the waiting tolerable. Almost…

I cannot wait to feel like this…

dive 2

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