I’m a Beach

About ten years ago now, my at-the-time employer sent me to a day-long time management training course. For eight hours, we all attempted to learn new and better ways to manage our time, both personally and professionally. We were – supposedly – taught the secret of “What Matters Most.” I guess I failed…

My days are never long enough. Twenty-four are never enough hours. And on my days “off,” I still do work-related tasks, try to stay even with/catch up on the tedious requirements of living (like paying bills) and do my very best to be attentive to my beloved Martin, who suffers my daily discombobulation in silence with a smile. He is a champ. He is MY champ.

The thing is, that course taught us that every day we should “tackle the big rocks,” and by doing so, we would prevent the small rocks from becoming “big rocks.”

rock pillarI have since come to understand that, right after sports analogies, I HATE rock analogies next. For me, they are ALL “big rocks.” And if I am being totally honest, the only place where rocks even exist in my life is in my head…

This topic is on my mind today on the eve of three days away from work. Yet tomorrow I have my weekly Weight Watcher’s weigh in at 8:30 AM, I have an appointment with an artist at 11AM about a vignette my business partner and I are doing at the city’s botanical gardens for a designer showcase that opens in about two weeks and tomorrow night, my Sweetie and I have a relaxing evening planned with two of our “besties” (dinner and a movie in). Saturday? Booked solid. No big rocks handled.

Sunday, my Beloved and I are scheduled to go grocery shopping; we go about every other week, with small runs for fresh fruits and veggies in between. That task is typically three hours or so. Our apartment still looks like mid-December (which I frankly don’t mind but maybe it’s time to start taking some things down, LOL!). And speaking of mid-December, as I type this post, I can see the can of spray polish, a “Swiffer” and a dust cloth my Sweetie left in the computer room IN mid-December, asking me if I would dust the shelves. I said I would. Oops. So, Sunday? Booked. Maybe one medium rock.

Monday is pretty open so far but I usually see a movie with my guy on our shared day off – it’s like our “thing.” Plus I have my bi-weekly, 90 minute therapy appointment (OK, now THAT is one big rock at least!) and then it will be like Monday evening and it’s back to work on Tuesday. Sigh…

pebblesMaybe if all the “rocks” were the same size – it seems like I never GET beyond the pebbles. But maybe I do and just don’t know. I will just keep at it, I suppose. I don’t see as there is any other choice.

Plus, after all, the endless crashing and effort of the surf against rocks and pebbles are what create beautiful beaches, right?

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