S-s-s-s-slow Saturday Night

I would like to borrow – loosely – the lyrics from “Piano Man” by Billy Joel –

“It’s five o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd blah blah blah…”

After yesterday’s post, lamenting how days are never long enough, how I never get enough done, etc., I have decided to go “off the clock” tonight, slowing life way the frick down…


I did accomplish a few things today already – I made my weekly WW weigh in (lost 2.8 pounds!), stopped at the post office to mail a package/get some stamps, met with an artist friend about the the upcoming designers’ showcase my firm is doing, paid a few bills and best of all? I enjoyed a decadent, 1.5 hour hap with my beloved today.

I know, so bad, right?

Tonight we are having “Dinner and a Movie Night” with two of our besties. It will be fun, easy and uber-relaxing. The only thing I plan on worrying about tonight? Will Katniss and Peeta survive the other tributes in the new games (I didn’t read the books, dammit!)

P and KMay you all enjoy a relaxing, mindless Saturday night. See you back here again tomorrow!

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