Wind Chill Factor

“So, THIS is what minus 24 degrees feels like…”

beachToday I was off work. It has been a long (as in L-O-N-G) week, and I was looking forward to doing a whole lotta’ nothing with my beloved Martin today. After sleeping in and a bit of early morning “puttering,” our attention turned to our plans for the day. As usual, we were trying to decide on something fun to do that cost little/nothing. So we hit upon an insane idea:

Let’s go to the beach!

People that follow me here probably know that one of my Sweetie’s favorite things to do is go to the beach. Since we live in Ohio, there aren’t a lot of “real beaches” but we do have a pretty sweet one at a state park about 35-40 minutes away. We try and get there at least once a week during the warm, summer months and typically go there into early fall. The beach is beautiful, the setting amazing and for anyone that has never seen Lake Erie, well, there is a reason why it is one of the “Great Lakes.” Standing on the shore, it looks like an ocean (OK, there are no dolphins or sea turtles but we do have shore birds and jet skis, LOL!) So, we decided it might be fun to see our beloved beach in a new season all together.

Plus, we are really just stupid twelve-year-old boys at heart and thought nothing of the minus 24 degree wind chill factor. So off we went, in our thick wool sweaters, big bulky coats, hats, scarves and gloves. We were excited…

Just for some perspective/a reality check, this is a shot of us at the beach last September:


The pale, jelly-like creature in the back is me. And here we are at the same beach today:

IMG_3658AYeah, I know – I look kick-ass in hats, LOL! All kidding aside, it was SO FLIPPIN’ COLD! I have never experienced anything like that. Yowzah, it was beyond chilly. That said, the beach was serenely beautiful in a new, different way. Gone were the hundreds of people usually present, and it was just me and my Sweetie. The moment actually felt very special…

IMG_3645ASo, while I cannot wholeheartedly suggest anyone willingly expose themselves to sub-zero temps, I do encourage everyone to experience familiar places in new ways when the opportunity arises. It is pretty amazing…

IMG_3647AA panoramic shot of Mentor Headlands Beach, 24 Jan 2014 about 2:30PM.





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