The Night Before

I had a great day today but tonight, I feel more than a little bit like this young man…

nervousSee, tomorrow is our USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) “personal interview” – the final step, The Universe willing, in the long journey to secure a green card for my beloved husband. The journey has been a long and draining one, both emotionally and financially, but we are now very close to “The Prize” – a green card for my Sweetie that will allow us both to finally “exhale” and imagine a future together that WE plan, without worry of separation or forced relocation or a hundred other variables. Oh sure, our new future will also be riddled with unknowns but at least we will know that we will always be together…

I have no reason – other than being raised Catholic – to assume the outcome tomorrow will be anything less than this,

approvedbut, you know, until that final seal-the-deal handshake, I will be anxious. We have done everything asked of us – we have documents and paperwork and shared this and that, all of it. Yet I am still overwhelmed with butterflies.

We have all our “documents” gathered. I have asked all our friends and family to hold good intentions and asked The Universe to watch over and protect us. I even reached out to my personal guardian angels above – my Mom, my Mommo, my older sister Peg and my favorite Aunt AJ – to “pull the circle tight” and “shower us with their love and protection.”

I think we are good. But – until I see this,

green cardarrive in our mail box with my Angel’s name on it, I will be a little worried…

I look forward to posting my “HAPPY HELL YEAH!” post here tomorrow. Until that time, think good thoughts and thank you – thank you all for all your love, support, encouragement and assistance. While the journey has sucked many times, it has been made so much easier by all the friends we have made along the way, and all the friends that have been in our lives the whole time. For each of you, I am thankful. Now, off to watch some mindless TV and – hopefully – take my mind off tomorrow’s appointment. Happy thoughts, everyone!

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