A New Supreme

I watch a LOT of TV. Too much, probably. But alas, after tonight, I will watch less…

Tonight is the season finale of American Horror Story: Coven. Love it or hate it, AHS (American Horror Story) is a wildly-creative series. The way cast members move in and out between the seasons, the acting/actors are fantastic (love me some Jessica Lange in EVERY season) and the ridiculous, at times over-the-top-insult-your-intelligence story arcs are, mostly, brilliant. Tonight AHS comes to a close with the selection of a new “Supreme.”

AHS CovenAgain, love it or hate it, this season has been one wild, insane roller coaster. Stellar casting – I mean, Jessica Lange AND Kathy Bates AND Angela Bassett? C’mon! Plot arcs that were stupid (the whole Frankenstein thing), sub plots that ended abruptly (oh, wow, all the witch hunters must be dead now, right?) and what was that whole thing with Patti LuPone? Anyway, Ryan Murphy? If you EVER see this, know I am MAD for this series. Keep dishin’ out the crazy, OK? But enough hero worship for now – I have to pick my own supreme before tonight’s episode begins – I think I’ll go with this one…

Supreme Bars

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