Visualizing Abundance

The first month of 2014 has been rough, business-wise. I’m glad it’s over. The ridiculous weather over the past few weeks has definitely put the kibosh on our retail business. Our design business has been doing OK; actually, a little better than OK (thank The Universe!) And, to be honest, our retail business got a little “boost” today – still we need more.

More, more, more…

I always smile when my New Age-y friends suggest I “visualize wealth, abundance and prosperity.” Supposedly, all I have to do is ask The Universe to shower me with abundance and my prayers will be answered. Boy oh boy, if that is the case, I’m asking (in a loud voice):

“Are you there, Universe? If so, may I please ask that you shower me with abundance? I’d really, really appreciate it! And I hate to be a nag, but sooner than later, please? Thanks again!”

My friends also suggest I “see” the wealth in my mind. So, to help expedite this request, I am including these “rich” images:

Moneygem stonesGold BarsCakeTo be sure, the first three images represent riches I HOPE to enjoy sometime soon; the last image represents a type of richness I have enjoyed many, many times. OMG, I hope my request to The Universe was clear enough, LOL! I really don’t need any more gooey chocolate cake! I’d really like many more Benjamins, please – THX!

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