I’m a Terrible Person

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day revered and anticipated by millions of people around the globe (BTW, it is also Groundhog Day, another worthless excuse for a “holiday.”) I should be super stoked about today but I’m not. In fact, my furry idol, Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat, completely and most succinctly expresses my feelings about Super Bowl Sunday below…

GC Super BowlI mean, it will still be a fun day – we are getting together with four good friends for great food and company but, to be honest, I am not even excited about the halftime show today (sorry, Bruno Mars). So, all you crazed sports fans? Have an amazing day. As for me, I will “phone it in” while enjoying delicious chili, probably a car load of chips/dip and cheese/crackers and pretzels (Weight Watchers damned!), as well as what-look-to-be-amazing dark chocolate raspberry brownies topped with vanilla ice cream (my hubby and I made them – they look yummy delicious!) I guess I better wear some pants with an elastic waistband!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Everyone!

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