Only One Head

I have always hated it when someone says something like, “Uh oh, I better put on my whatever hat.” I always felt it was so patronizing and – at least to me – implied that they were oh-so-much more talented and multi-faceted than I. However, as I have matured and become slightly less judgmental/more tolerant/just plain chill, I have come to appreciate the meaning and message behind that phrase. I get it now. But for me, instead of “switching gears” and “donning a new hat,” I just say, “Hey, listen – I only have one head.”


Today is one of the crazy days when I “have but one head” so I cannot don my blogger hat tonight. Sorry. My head seems to have been taken over by my “Struggling-to-stay-in-business” hat, or perhaps more aptly named, my “I-only-have-two-hands-and-they-are-working-as-fast-as-they-can” hat. Yeah, that’s the one…

blurred handsSo please forgive this lame post today – I hope to be caught up by tomorrow and will return triumphant with a killer, insightful piece. Till then, thank you and good night…

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