Make a Wish

As Cleveland – and most of Ohio – braces itself for yet ANOTHER killer winter snow storm (6 to 10 inches are anticipated over the next 12-16 hours), I find myself less absorbed with hating the weather/winter/where I live and more preoccupied with a self-indulgent game I play called “Make a Wish.” The rules are simple:

I just close my eyes, visualize what I am hoping and make a wish for it to come true. Simple, right? Let’s begin…

I wish I could be somewhere warm, beautiful and sunny, like this sea villa in Bali…

BaliI would DEFINITELY want to be there with my Beloved. Definitely…I HEART you bedOK, maybe the heart thing is a little cheesy but we are at a tropical villa by the sea. Lighten up, LOL! Next, there would be great food and drinks and sweets. And of course, they would be served in some amazing setting…tableWe’d have a delicious meal and amazing drinks, then after walk down to the beach where we will watch the moon come out over the sea… Beach at nightAnd before we finally say goodnight, my Angel and I will release floating lanterns. We will sit there on the beach, just the two of us, holding hands and watching the lanterns float away until we just can’t see them anymore… floating lanternsSound pretty great, right? So much better than the “wintry mix” we are expecting here. Sigh. Some day soon, Sweetie, some day soon it will be more than just a wish. Promise.

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