Sound Advice From Ginger

When my dearly departed bestie, Dan Rogan, and I were MUCH younger (like in our mid twenties), we used to be hell-raising bar-hoppers. We were out six nights a week; we only stayed home one night a week to do laundry, LOL! We had a LOT of great adventures, and met a lot – and I mean a LOT – of interesting folks…

One of our favorites was a stunning female impersonator/illusionist named Ginger Manchester. Ginger was, and still is, drop-dead gorgeous, and she has won probably like a gahzillion pageants over the years. Ginger was, and I assume still is, very poised, graceful and gracious. Ginger was the first person I ever heard utter this expression – “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” I think I heard her say it as she was sashaying her way across U4ia to console another performer she had just beaten in the Miss Gay Whatever Pageant. Ginger was, first and foremost, polite and gracious.

It's nice to be importantI have to admit – Dan and I used to say this phrase to one another all the time after that, sort of as an inside joke (we were food servers back then and sometimes the guests… ugh). But, all kidding aside, the message and sentiment of the phrase Ginger uttered so many years ago has always stuck with me. Today I was reminded how true that bit of wisdom is…

At work, we have a client that has entered an order for thirty-two light fixtures, which need to be installed by a specific deadline. For the past five days, I have exchanged around forty emails back and forth with both the manufacturer and our rep – I’m not even counting the emails to our client! Anyway, the company and rep have been champs and it looks like everything will arrive not only on time but maybe a bit ahead of schedule for our project. In reviewing some of the emails I sent, I was worried that I probably came across like a dick, so I called our rep and two of the manufacturer’s agents and left all three of them nice “thank you” messages…

Within like 30 minutes, my email EXPLODED!

I got thank-you-for-the-thank-you-message emails from all three ladies (one even sent me an entire line of giant XOXOXO’s!), as well as an email from the president of the company, thanking me for taking the time to be so thoughtful and expressing my appreciation for his employees’ efforts. He went on to say that for every 100 bitchy emails or calls they get, they probably get NOT ONE call thanking them for things that had gone right.

That is just plain wrong and sad… I am happy I was able to make a the day a little brighter for at least these four people.

So, thank you, Ginger Manchester, for always being somewhere in my head, reminding me of the importance of being nice. And polite, And thankful. And gracious. I have not seen you in a long time but I hope you are still sharing that message – the world needs it.

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