Time For Another Update

This arrived at our house today – it’s time for another personal technology update…

Google-Chromecast-Dongle-2I’m not even sure what this thingamabob does, but my beloved Martin assures me that it will change our lives for the better! I have to laugh – my Sweetie gets so excited whenever these new technology “updates” arrive at our house. Truth be told, me? Not so much. I mean, the other day I picked up our TV remote and had to think about how to change the channel!

Here is the reality of my existence: Tim + Technology = Disaster. If anything ever happens and Martin leaves me, I won’t be able to turn the TV on…

I don’t know – maybe I am just not one of those technology-savvy types. I mean – and this is absolutely serious – were it not for Martin, this would be my phone:

rotary phoneI’m embarrassed to admit – we had our iPhones for two weeks before I finally asked Martin to show me how to dial out! And were it not for Martin, I’d NEVER get any updates.

Martin and I enjoy watching TV but, had he not pushed me, our TV would look like this:

TVAnd FORGET about downloads and playlists and pod casts. Ouch! I never know what button to push – and, I mean, I STILL BUY CD’S! But again, Martin is patient and supportive; otherwise, we’d still be listening to vinyl on this:

stereoSure, go one, laugh at me. But THANK GOD Martin is in my life, for many, MANY reasons, not only his technology prowess! He always makes me happy, he makes me smile, and he NEVER makes me feel “technologically-challenged,” even though this is still what I think of when someone references “The Cloud:”

SONY DSCI’ll keep you all posted as to the upcoming “life changes” now that our googley-chrome-y thingie is here. And one last question: Why the heck is that plug-in thing called a “dongle?”

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