Work is Torture

I am working alone in the store today. It is a clear, crisp Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining and we are SLOW AS HELL. To be honest, not even Google Maps is calling today to update our listing. No one has called to “speak with the person in charge of our credit card processing.” Today, I’d even welcome some wrong number calls. I am bored. BORED.

falling asleepI know – I’m ridiculous. I bitch when we’re busy. I bitch when we’re slow. (I guess I just like to bitch!) But to be honest, the last few weeks have been BEYOND slow. I mean, we could have watched a glass of water evaporate and been totally enthralled. I’m not sure exactly what is happening in the world, retail-wise, but this extended period of inactivity blows…

employee-dozing-at-deskIt is definitely hard to remain “engaged” at work when there isn’t anyone/anything to “engage with.” THANK GOD our design business is doing OK (better than OK, actually). That part of our business is slowly and steadily growing. But retail, retail, retail – you are a fickle creature at best. Why do you treat me this way? Is it too much to ask that someone come in and at least buy a few greeting cards?

I’m off to make ANOTHER cup of coffee, only this time? Instead of drinking it, I think I will just pour it over my head…

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