Time to Go Torpid

Hibernation is defined as “…passing the winter in a torpid or resting state.” (BTW – torpid means “…having or showing very little energy or movement; dormant or hibernating.”) Many species hibernate over the winter, including these adorable European Hedgehogs:

Hibernating hedgehogsas well as the oh-so-huggable-cute-and-cuddly Hazel Dormouse:

Hazel DormouseCute, right? There are abundant scientific reasons and theories about why certain species hibernate – extreme weather conditions, lack of food, increased survival  – but the CORRECT answer is the last one. Hibernation = Survival till Spring. Hibernation is nature’s way of preventing animal suicides. Rather than force animals to endure the kind of miserable, rolling, no-end-in-sight winter we are experiencing here in Cleveland, Nature lets them hibernate. I TOTALLY understand it now.

I have had it. I want to hibernate. I want to be “torpid” till Spring and sleep through all this crappy weather. I know – that sounds ridiculous, right, but remember – they are called “man caves.” What better place for me to hide till late May/early June? And – should this room have its own fountain Coke dispenser system? – you will never see me again, period.



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