Buckets O’ Business

I have eight nieces and nephews – and one great nephew – so I am blessed to have a lot of kids in my life. My littlest ones are about 10 months old, and my oldest niece (mother to my great nephew) is close to being 360 months old, LOL. Anyway, I have had a lot of fun with all my “kids.” And I love them all…

I only mention the kids as a segue into today’s post. I know recently I have been pretty vocal about my frustrations with business, and about how lately things at work feel like they are “frozen” (Get it? A bad winter pun!) However, the past 24-48 hours have given me some hope that things are starting to “thaw” and that is where the kids come in…

Have you ever been to an indoor water park? You know, one of those ridiculous hotels, over-run with hundreds upon hundreds of screaming, delighted – and waterlogged – children? I have. And my current feelings about the state of my business relate to a memorable experience at a water park.

I remember standing with my nieces and nephew, all of them just twitching with anticipation, as like a bahjillion-gallon “bucket” filled with water. The giggles got louder and louder and louder, until the bucket started “tipping over,” drenching the quivering mass of young ones below. From pre-schoolers to those of us pre-retirement age, we all stood, filled with joy and dread, looking up – waiting, just waiting for that moment:

spilling bucketWhen it came, it was a thrilling! The crowd, normally squealing at a deafening sound level, suddenly inhaled one giant, collective breath. The entire place grew quiet for a few seconds, then came the roar of the water as thousands of gallons cascaded down and drenched us all… It was amazing the first time and every time it happened after.

I think the “business bucket” is getting ready to tip at work. And I cannot WAIT to get drenched. My prayer is this:

“I humbly ask, O Great Universe, to be drenched with business abundance. Please inundate me with wave after wave of cash. Let business flow, and let the noise of purchase orders being typed drown out my moaning and huff-puffing. Let loose the purse strings and let me drown in dollars. Please…”

My therapist – and my more spiritual friends – always tell me to visualize what I wish for, and ask for it by name. I am asking – please shower me with abundance. Soak me down to my tighty-whiteys with business. And – if it’s not too much to ask – if you could throw in a few days worth of sunshine as well, I’d be forever grateful.

It doesn’t even have to be a HUGE bucket – I’d settle for one about this size, for now…

spill bucket orange

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