Where Would I Like To Live?

Today at work, in a totally random way and moment, my business partner asked me, “If you could live anywhere, where would you want to live?”

Of course, my immediate, smart-ass response was, “OK, I’ll play, but am I independently wealthy, have a super great job, or just doing all right?”

Sadly, the response was I HAD a job and I made enough to live comfortably. Sigh…

Regardless of my imagined income level and social status, I immediately and without hesitation said, “San Francisco. No question – San Francisco.”

The Golden Gate Bridge - Tim Kempf

My Beloved and I spent a fantastic vacation in San Fran about two years ago, and we have never stopped talking about it. We made lots of good friends there, the city is ridiculously diverse – in every way – and cosmopolitan and sophisticated, and the weather? OMG, the weather is fantastic.


SF 2We had such a great time. The museums, the parks, the people – all were outstanding. Sure, I know it is easy to fall in love with ANY city when you are on vacation (I really liked Indianapolis for a four-day weekend, LOL!) but, really, San Fran? You captured my heart…

I’m not sure why this thought/these memories are in my head today. Maybe it is the near zero temperature today (I can’t feel my toes). Maybe it is the lack of ANY measurable amount of sunshine in, like, weeks. Or maybe it’s just because it is fun to dream, wish and hope.

I love San Francisco. I’d love it more if I were independently wealthy for sure, but I completely understand why Tony Bennett’s heart is there – mine is, too…


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