My Dairy Product Day

My day today was like a giant slice of Swiss cheese – great, but full of holes…

swiss cheeseI was OFF today, along with my Beloved, and while we had no specific plans in mind, I did have a few things I wanted to “get done.” I now find myself seated at the keyboard, wondering where big chunks of it (my day) went. My original task list is hardly dented; my goal of “getting everything done early” so I could spend a chill, relaxed evening with my Sweetie is yet-to-be-realized (it is a little after 7PM as I write these words). What happened to my day – where the heck did blocks of time go? Like a slice of Swiss cheese, my day has more than a a few holes in it. Today was Wednesdairy for me…

I can blame a rather demanding interior design client for taking a big chunk outta’ my day (but it will hopefully be SO worth it). I ran a few necessary errands, including picking up a movie for tonight, and that carved 90 minutes out of my day. My Beloved gave me a quick haircut (only about 20 minutes, max). And during the course of today, we also ate lunch, I bathed (twice!) and we enjoyed salads for dinner. I also wrote and sent out a handful of Valentine’s Day cards (which will be late!) and, as usual, posted on Facebook and shuffled around some papers. So, I mean, it’s not that the day hasn’t been productive, just not as productive (I suppose) as I had originally planned…

I guess what I maybe need to do is stop singling out the Swiss, step back and take in the whole “cheese plate” of my day. With some perspective – and good, crusty bread, grapes and some tapenade – suddenly my overall day looks a LOT more bountiful and appetizing…

cheese app


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