All Bound for Mu Mu Land

Periodically, I have “musical flashbacks” – and I don’t mean I break out into songs from classical musicals like South Pacific. What I mean is that every now and then, a phrase or lyrics from an old song just pop back into my head. Today, it was Mu Mu Land…

This song was stuck in my head for MONTHS when it was originally released in (I think) 1991. The version here features singer Maxine Harvey; the American release version featured country icon Tammy Wynette. It was a cute gimmick at the time, although I definitely like Maxine Harvey’s voice better. It is always interesting for me to listen to “classic music” – this song is thirty-plus years old – and see how many similarities exist with today’s contemporary releases, things like cross-genre feature artists (Tammy Wynette on a dance track?), cross-cultural breaks (this song has a “rap” bridge) as well as the ever-infectious baseline beat and catchy lyrics that stick in your head.

Enjoy KLF. I’m off to Mu Mu Land tonight with my sweet baboo!

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