What Does This Even Mean?

“Your stats are BOOMING! Looks like “five – a blog” is getting lots of traffic.”

That is the notification that greeted me as I sat down to write today’s blog entry. I was excited – I mean, who DOESN’T want a lot of people to read and enjoy their work? Anxiously, I “clicked” the stats link to see which of my witty pieces was generating such huge interest – I wanted to know what subject was the reason for “the boom.” Turns it, I’m not sure – my Home Page/Archive link has received more than fifty visits in the last 24 hours, so someone either keeps coming back to read/reread posts, or, well I don’t know what… Weird as it sounds, I like it a bit better when I can see what posts others are “viewing” (meaning, I like when I can attribute a specific number of views to a specific post).

Today, it feels a little like this for me:

peeping tom guyThere is something slightly unnerving when I cannot discern exactly what people are viewing. It is a wee bit uncomfortable not knowing what everyone is looking at – that, and my analytics tell me that I received 29 views in one hour to my Home Page/Archive link. Again – what the heck are they (or one person) reading?

I suppose I should just be happy that my blog is getting the traffic it is. I mean, I knew when I started blogging that I would be putting myself out there so I guess I should wonder why this feels sorta’ uncomfortable today. Sigh… Maybe this is the blogger equivalent of paparazzi?


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