Personal Finances and FIFO

I started working in restaurants at the age of 15 – almost forty years ago. One of the first principles of solid “restaurant-ing” I learned was what Paul and Vera Mae Shrock called the FIFO MethodFirst in, first out. In a nutshell, FIFO means that incoming stock is rotated in storage so that the oldest product is used first while the newest, freshest product stays in the back. It makes sense.

In my adult life, however, FIFO has come to mean something entirely different. For me, FIFO now stands for “Finances in, finances out.” 

Money out the windowIt seems recently (and to be honest, my whole life, actually!) that as fast as I can MAKE money to go INTO my checking account, it goes right back OUT. There is no time for my money to spoil or “go bad.” Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy with my life; I just wish I could put money in the bank and let it stay in there, accumulating interest/dust. I have always wanted to come from “Old Money.” Honestly? I’d just be happy to have some.

For example, today I received a check which I promptly deposited after work. Once that check clears overnight, tomorrow I will “Bill Pay” it away, not even allowing it 24 hours to “get used to my account.” Sigh… Talk about rolling dough gathering no moss! I know I have shared this concept before but it does seem to me that you should get to KEEP money as least as long as it take you to MAKE it. My checking account has a virtual revolving door – it looks like this most months…

Money takes flightBTW – just to be clear – that money is flying AWAY in that image, rather than towards us, LOL! Anyway, as I said, my life is really great – I have a spouse that I love with all my heart (and he loves me back!), my job can be challenging at times but there is nothing I would rather be doing, we are blessed with a great circle of friends and I have a terrific family.

That said, I do kinda’ wish I could hit that Mega Power Ball Lottery, or whatever it is called. Four hundred millions dollars – I just wrote that out because I am not even sure how many “zero’s” that is! – would be pretty dang great! PS – While I envy the woman in the image below, I want those all to be HUNDREDS, not singles…

buried under money

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