Signs You Are “Older”

I often joke with friends that, once I turned 21 (34 years ago), the world’s population suddenly became of two ages: 6-year-olds, and “my age.” To make it easier to understand, I tend to separate the people of the world into two age categories – children (the 6-year-olds) and “my age” (everyone else).

I stopped keeping track of my age when I turned “legal.” Now, the whole world is the same age as me. I know this isn’t true, but I like to believe that – that is, until something happens that (usually) not-so-subtly reminds me that time does indeed march on, and I am, as a result, older. Such a thing happened yesterday…

My beloved Martin and I were out running some evening errands and I realized that the road was kinda’ dark. I originally dismissed it as our headlights being covered with road slop but, upon pulling into a parking lot, I discovered the real reason – a burned out headlight. How annoying…

I can’t complain, really. Our car has over 110,000 miles on it and it is one of the original “low beam” headlights so we definitely got our money’s worth out of that original part. A quick trip to the closest “Autozone” and a new headlight was in my hand for only $15.11, including tax. Here’s there thing:

The last time I replaced a headlight (on my at-the-time 1976 MGB convertible), the headlight cost over $90.00 and looked like this:headlight bulbThe replacement involved screws and frames and removing this then aligning that, and РI seem to recall Рtook like an hour. (OK, I admit Рmaybe I am NOT the most mechanically-inclined guy, LOL!)

The “headlight” I bought this time looks like this:new headlight bulb

And the installation required a screwdriver, a flashlights, rubber gloves (you know you aren’t supposed to touch those bulbs) and about ten minutes, part of which was spent trying to locate my hood release! Sigh…

While I am happy things are so much easier know, moments like these are a bitch slap from The Universe reminding me that time IS marching on and that the whole world really isn’t my age. I mean, you should have seen the auto parts guy’s face when I told him about my previous “headlight” – he looked at me like I was some kind of insane person…

Maybe – if I try hard – I can go back and live among the six-year-olds. I’d like to…

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