Love Hangover

Do you have songs that take you back in time? Songs that make you remember an event, or a night or place? I heard one of those songs today at work, “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross. (I was listening to the “disco” station at work today, LOL!) I can absolutely remember the first time I heard Love Hangover – I was standing in The Retreat, a little bar that catered to gays and lesbians in Mansfield, Ohio in early spring 1976. The guy had just come and loaded new tunes on the jukebox (I’m not even kidding!) and, as I stood there, enjoying my $2.00 pitcher of 3.2 draft beers with best “girl friends,” the song played…

Diana Rossclick image above to hear “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross

I thought the song was brilliant – and still do. I remember pumping quarter after quarter into that machine, punching in the number over and over and over again. Sadly, The Retreat is long gone, now only an empty parking lot. The friends I enjoyed that song with – Kirk, Donny, Chip, Michael and Harold – are all now gone as well, but every time I hear this tune, I return to the corner of Trimble Road and West Fourth Street, remember them and get “the sweetest hangover.”  Thanks for the memories, Miss Ross.

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