Party Time

My Beloved has wanted to throw a house party for a long time – I think the time has finally arrived. I have suffered an emotional break due to the extended, ridiculous winter we are having and think I will host a bonfire party, where I BURN all my “summer clothes,” since it appears I will never have need for them again. In fact, I think I will burn ALL my clothes…

bonfireYes, I think I will burn all my clothes and take to wearing only all-white Ghillie suits. What is a Ghillie suit, you ask? From Wikipedia:

A Ghillie suit is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Typically, it is a net or cloth garment covered in loose strips of burlap, cloth or twine, sometimes made to look like leaves and twigs, and optionally augmented with scraps of foliage from the area.

People wear Ghillie suits to blend into their surroundings and conceal themselves from enemies or targets. The suit gives the wearer’s outline a three-dimensional breakup, rather than a linear one. When manufactured correctly, the suit will move in the wind in the same way as surrounding foliage.

And yes, I will be wearing only all WHITE Ghillie suits, like this:

snw white ghillie suitSince this Winter has made me FEEL like a Yeti, and as my disposition has definitely become ABOMINABLE lately, I feel like this suit is not only appropriate, but necessary. Maybe if I “blend in” to all the cold whiteness that has been Cleveland for the past what-seems-like-FOREVER, maybe I will feel better about the situation.

Or maybe some men in different white suits will come to take me away to a place that is warm and bright – and padded!

padded room

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