Falling in Love – Twice

I am a “disco kid.” I grew up during disco’s golden age and was, for about a year and a half, the DJ at Richard’s Nite Club in Mansfield, Ohio, spinning vinyl on two adjustable Teac turntables, using big-ass groovy headphones and a mixing board probably from Radio Shack (Richard’s was a high class joint!)Teac turntable

One of my favorite all-time dance/disco songs is 1977’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Santa Esmerelda – I had a bootleg 12″ extended recording of this song that I put on the turntable whenever I wanted to grab a smoke break. I love this song:

So, imagine my surprise today when – for the first time – I hear legendary jazz artist Nina Simone’s version from like 1964:

I heard one of my favorite songs performed by a legendary artist, the artist for whom the song was supposedly written. The song was still amazing but now entirely different – it was personal and haunting. Here are both versions. Enjoy!

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