This quote “appears” to me from time to time; today, I was searching for images for an entirely different blog topic and this graphic came up in the search results:

BelieveLike I said, this “message” appears in my life periodically – the first time, the message came to me in an email from a friend, after I ended a particularly bad relationship, many years ago. I remember seeing these words as I flipped through a book of positive affirmation quotes, I book I picked up during a prolonged “blue period” I was suffering. After the death of my beloved mother, a friend sent me a sympathy card with this passage hand-written inside.

These three sentences, written by a man or woman during what I consider to be one of – if not THE – darkest moments in human history, have brought me great comfort in some seriously troubling times. So, to be honest, I guess I was a little concerned when the words presented themselves to me again today. Were they some sort of warning of things to come? Their appearance made no sense to me – I mean,

I have never been in a healthier, more loving and supportive, happy relationship than I am now. Thanks, MSW – I love you, babe!

Everyone I love is healthy and happy; in fact, what I thought was possibly a serious health issue with my father earlier this week turned out to be nothing more than preventative follow-up to a previous health concern.

Work has been challenging these past few months but we now seem to be gaining a LOT of positive momentum, especially design-wise. I mean, today we scheduled a consultation with a potential new client that holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture – really? And they need our help, design-wise? Talk about an affirming moment for me!

So, yeah – why are the words here now? I studied the graphic above, and read and re-read the sentences in my head. After a few minutes, the three sentences condensed down into one word – BELIEVE. And then I got it – the words hadn’t appeared as a warning to me but rather a confirmation for me that hope, combined with faith, create belief – and good things happen when one believes. I believe the message to me was to continue on as I have been recently, “keepin’ the faith” and continuing to believe. I believe I will…

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