Go Pound

I was off work today – my Beloved and I have had a SUPER day together: we went and saw the new “300: Rise of an Empire” movie (wait till it’s out on DVD), did a quick turn off-price shopping (we got some cute Christmas napkin rings – 4/$1.25!), grabbed an AMAZING late lunch at Koko Bakery on Payne Ave (Vietnamese – delicious!), went and viewed the Orchid Mania exhibit at Cleveland Botanical Garden (now in its final weekend) and – without realizing it – stumbled upon the MIX event at The Cleveland Museum of Art (we took a free manga drawing class – it was AWESOME!)

All-in-all, it was a fantastic day, that is, until we walked out to the car to find this:

photo (1)Oh yeah, that’s right – a FRICKING $25 parking ticket. Know what’s the BEST part about it? I got the ticket at 5:52PM, eight minutes – yes, EIGHT flippin’ minutes – before the meters “don’t count anymore” at 6PM.

It’s OK. I still had an amazing day. And I guess I am happy to know that the City of Cleveland is so keenly aware of parking violators on the ONE Friday night a month that arguably the city’s BIGGEST tourist attraction hosts an event. No need to worry about dampening the party atmosphere, or maybe forgiving someone EIGHT GD minutes. I will say, such diligent and thorough police work makes me feel proud, and safe, and protected…

Hey – Cleveland Parking Violations Bureau? Go pound!

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