Hey, CVS – Save a Tree!

My Sweetie and I live in a “pre-war” apartment nestled right beside the second oldest planned outdoor shopping district in America (The Plaza in Kansas City is older). We enjoy living here – the apartment has a lot of charm, the shopping district is really handy and we live within three minutes of the train. We love it…

Anyway, not to call anyone out, but one of the merchants on the square is CVS. The store is really nice, clean and convenient but – as a chain, CVS must be KILLING hundreds of thousands of acres of trees every day. CVS stores have the L-O-N-G-E-S-T cash register receipts I have ever encountered. They are insane. Weird thing is, like most of you, I am bombarded daily by businesses – utilities/banks/hospitals – urging me to “help the environment” and “Go Paperless.” Maybe that cause should be championed over at CVS.

Yesterday morning, I walked over to CVS to buy a gallon of milk for breakfast. I bought a gallon of milk and a $.99 card to send to a friend – my total purchase? $4.36. This is the receipt I received (these are actual unretouched photos, LOL!) :

photo 1 (3)See how it “fades into the distance?” Know why? My receipt for two (2) items was almost 28″ long – I’m not even kidding:

photo 2 (3)You see, in addition to my receipt, I also received six (6) “valuable” coupons, appearing on my receipt in this order –

$1 off Bengay, Icy Hot, Salonpas or CVS Brand Muscle Rub (like I ever really exercise!), and

$2.50 off any $10 Cookies, Chips, Crackers or Nuts purchase (I’m on Weight Watchers – like any of THOSE items are gonna’ happen in our apartment!), and

$1 off $5 Body Wash or Bar Soap purchase (sorry, Bath and Bodyworks has better products and deals!), and

$1 off any $3 Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss or Mouthwash (my dentist gives me brushes/floss, and I use coupons at Marc’s for toothpaste), and

$3 off any $10 Razors, Blades, or Shave creams/gel (I use disposables I buy at Big Lots) and finally,

$5 off $20 Nicotene Replacement Therapy patches, gums or Lozenges (I haven’t smoked in two decades).

So, yeah – I received roughly 23″ worth of garbage at the bottom of my receipt which, BTW, is printed on environmentally-damaging thermal paper:

photo 3 (3)So, I’m asking all merchants – beginning with CVS – for them to help “Save the Planet” and, if not go totally paperless, use at least a little LESS paper? I get direct marketing, coupons, all that, but a 28″ receipt is ridiculous. Listen, I’ll do my part to help conserve our resources if you do, too. Deal? Thanks, CVS!

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