Sunday Music Flashbacks

I love Sundays. Sundays are the ONLY day I am consistently OFF from work. And on certain Sundays – the ones where my Beloved and I are not out running a bahjillion errands – I get to be lazy and pretty much do what I want.

It’s a nice situation, being able to do all the nothing you want. You get to do fun things, like catching up on seven DVR-ed episodes of Saturday Night Live (it was fun watching the 2013 Christmas episode today), or entering 120 Coke Points (go on and laugh, but I haven’t paid for a magazine subscription in years) or just doing nothing. Turns out I have just spent more than an hour on YouTube, listening to all the Sunday Music Flashback songs I heard today…

hear itMusic Flashbacks occur when you hear a song and are instantly transported back to some other time and place – I had three solid flashbacks today.

As I watched Jonah Hill host an episode of SNL, in one of the sketches the characters started singing “You’ve Got a Friend,” by legendary artist Carole King. The song appears on King’s “Tapestry” album, acknowledged by many musical historians as being a seminal album of 20th century music. Tapestry also happens to be the FIRST album I ever bought, purchased for – I swear! – $3.99 at Uncle Bill’s in Mansfield, Ohio. Uncle Bill’s was half department store/half grocery store (think super Target or WalMart) and every Sunday after church (and a family fried chicken dinner at BBF – Borden’s Best Foods), my siblings and I would run wild on the department store side of Uncle Bill’s while my parents grocery shopped. It was during one of these weekly outings that I bought Tapestry, brought to you here in all its scratchy, “high-fidelity” glory. Tapestry takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of my family. I loved this album – I still do. I played this album till it wore out…

Later, I ran a quick errand to our local grocery store here on the square. We needed some creamer and bananas, and I had to buy the week’s lottery tickets (the “Hillbilly Hope for Happiness” – listen, I won $20 last week!) As I was standing weighing the merits of red, seedless grapes for $3.99/pound, I heard Peter Brown asking me to come dance with him.

Yessir, as I stood there thinking about grapes, my mind flashed back to (I swear!) this very episode/segment of American Bandstand. As I watched Dick Clark and this AB episode in my youth, I remember thinking that the next time I was at “The Mall,” I needed to hit Merry-Go-Round (remember that store?) and buy a “flawless vest.” Sigh… Life was so much prettier and simpler then. Sorry this clip ends so abruptly – this is a kick-ass song.

Finally, for no reason at all, I found myself humming this tune today:

Yup – “O Fortuna” by Apotheosis, a techno/dance riff on the piece from Carl Orff’s opus, Carmina Burana. I’m not sure why this song was in my head today but I found myself humming it, thinking back to the first – and probably only – “rave” I ever attended. It was held down in The Flats of Cleveland, in a defunct restaurant named Tangerine Fahrley’s. After deciphering the invite directions (the flyers were in “code” – so cool, right?), we arrived and passed through a door and up what seemed like an eternity of steps into a room full of smoke, flashing lights and this song playing at a deafening volume, in what sounded like a two hour mix. This song STILL gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Like all the clips here, I wish this video had better sound but, Jesus, what a song. When the DJ ramps it up about 44 seconds in, I start to cry – it is majestic.

It has been quite a musical journey for me today – I am all but worn out from all that time traveling, LOL! I hope you enjoy – or at least appreciate – these tunes as much as I do. They are all pretty significant songs in my life. I hope you have similar songs – for me, music is magic. I hope you all can experience the magic…

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