If I hear one more person, one more business, use this “horrible winter” as an excuse for anything, well, to be honest, my head will E-X-P-L-O-D-E!!!

A 4800I am fifty-five, m-f’ing years old and I have NEVER experienced a winter where no matter what happens – no mail, the cable is out, the moon fell out of orbit – WHATEVER – it has been blamed on “extreme weather conditions.” Listen, I get it – this winter has SUCKED big time, but I am a little tired of hearing that EVERY state has been plagued by “extreme weather conditions.” Sure, I am from Ohio – famous for horrible weather – but c’mon, people – IT IS MARCH! You should have at the very least fallen into some sort of “Extreme Weather Conditions Groove” by now.

So why am I so pissy today? Turns out a shipment of thirty-one light fixtures – 31 – scheduled to be delivered by “end of business today” by UPS Freight is STILL sitting in North Carolina, due, remarkably enough, to “extreme weather conditions” last weekend. I call BS on that. Listen – if you were one of the country’s “delivery giants,” would you not be prepared for bad weather? I mean, sure, this was taken from the Charlotte NC News Observer, but…

“Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency for North Carolina on Friday, hours after the latest winter storm left portions of the state coated in ice and in the dark because of power outages.”

Will it EVER be fifty degrees or higher for more than three days in a row again? Deep breath in. OK, so MAYBE I was a little hasty with my anger. But, c’mon, really? I have had ENOUGH of ALL this this Winter. Enough.

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