I Wonder

This year, I will be fifty-six years old. Five. Six. And – as it turns out – I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning at 8:20AM. (I try to be fairly pro-active regarding my health, especially since my treatment for prostate cancer a couple of years ago). I like to think I am a reasonably healthy guy, probably due in no small part to the fact that I have been bombarded daily with “things-that-are-bad-for-you” warnings my entire life – smoking is hazardous to your health, excess weight is terrible, too much fat, too much caffeine, too much salt – it’s all, really, just been too much, period. But it has me thinking lately: Can too much weather change be hazardous to my health? I plan on asking my doc tomorrow.

four seasonsFor those unfamiliar, I live in The United States – in Cleveland, Ohio. This week, weather-wise, my city/state will virtually experience all four seasons within a five day period. I mean, it was almost sixty degrees (60!) on Tuesday afternoon; a little more than 24 hours later, we were experiencing a ridiculous winter snow squall with temps fifty degrees – 50 degrees! – less than the day before. (Trust me, it sucked. Flip flops one day, snow shoes the next!) And it made me wonder – no matter what the weather actually IS, can too MUCH weather be bad for your general health? I definitely think it is bad for my MENTAL health…

I mean, here’s a personal timeline: Too much candy is bad for me (age 6). Thinking too much about sex is bad for me (age 13). Smoking/drinking is bad for me (age 18). School is too stressful (age 28). Drinking too much is bad for me (age 30). I work too many hours (age 40). Drinking too much is bad for me (again at age 42). Starting my own business is too taxing (age 46). Too many calories are bad for me (my whole fricken’ life!) So is too much snow, temperature/humidity variations and climate change bad for me, too? (age 55).

warningI guess we’ll all find out at the end of this winter (if it EVER ends). I am already speaking with my therapist about addressing the American Psychiatric Association to announce a NEW mental “condition” to add to my list of disorders – P3T2SD (Prolonged, Personal, Post-Traumatic Seasonal Stress Disorder). Kinda’ catchy, huh? It’s yet to be recognized by mental healthcare professionals but I am working hard to get it added to treatment schedules. I am also hoping that it can be treated not only through therapy but with a new category of yet-to-be-FDA-approved mood stabilizers/enhancers. If my wish comes true, the new drug of choice will be named “Nomosnowzium.” Available by prescription only – ask your doctor…

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