Monday – NOT Funday

I love my job. I really do. Every single day, every single minute, I LOVE my job.

Now clients? That is another story entirely…

As a professional designer, I can never quite understand why someone would hire me – pay me money – to do a job and yet, seemingly, do everything they can to PREVENT me from doing it. Doing it well, doing it efficiently, doing it in a timely manner. The paradox of it all drives me crazy. Most days, clients are pretty great. Most days…

Today? Not so much. In fact, for the bulk of the day today, I felt very much like this sad soul –

Target PracticeI felt like I was part of some weird, twisted carnival target game – every phone call, every email – heck, even one text message! – was like a “hit” in the orange rectangle… Sure, I am exaggerating – a little – but man, oh man, some days are pretty dag-gone, um, “challenging.”

It all came full circle by the end of the day. By 5PM, everyone seemed happy, seemed on track and seemed, well, for like of a better word – nice again.

I certainly hope Tuesday goes a little more smoothly. Or that maybe the “hits” come a little less frequently…

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