Tuesday Daydreaming

So today was a MUCH better day than yesterday, overall, with ONE exception:

It was COLD (again) and it SNOWED (again). I know I promised to stop kvetching about the weather so instead, allow me to share my Tuesday Daydreaming with you…

Today I closed my eyes and tried to remember what the world looked like when lawns were all lush and green…

grassI wanted to remember what it felt like to go out for a walk without hats and gloves and coats and boots – just me, my Beloved MSW, my feet and my eyes. To “see” things besides snow and icicles…

eggs in a nestI thought about how great it would be to see people and animals actually enjoying and interacting with nature, being an active part of the experience, not always running to “get inside as fast as possible…”


I wanted to remember what it was like to spend an entire day at the shore (the LAKE shore, BTW) with my Beloved, to sit in the warm sun with him, a cold Diet Coke, a magazine and my floppy hat, doing nothing but being together and, well, just being…

beach chairsAnd I closed my eyes and thought back to hanging out with our friends, roasting marshmallows over a backyard fire pit, again doing nothing but being… Sigh…

roasting marshmallowsListen, I know we will (eventually) enjoy a brief three-day Spring, followed immediately by an agonizingly hot-n-humid Summer, a Summer I will no doubt “wish away” every day, tired of the endless oppressive heat and humidity, or maybe too much rain. It seems to me that the nature of man – or at least MY nature – is to always wish for something different that what is happening/what we have. So, I try and be patient, I try and be accepting and – more than anything – I try to remember that “Nothing is as sure as the changing of the seasons.”

Some days I need to work a lot harder to remember that… Please, Spring – c’mon already…

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