Herkimer Diamonds

According to a recent quiz I took on Facebook, I am a Herkimer Diamond. Sounds pretty cool – and glamorous – right? You know, “being” a gemstone. These are examples of Herkimer Diamonds –

Herkimer Diamonds 1Don’t get me wrong – I was flattered to “be” a diamond, Herkimer or not, but I had never even heard of them – Herkimer Diamonds. A quick “Google” give me this info from Wikipedia –

Herkimer diamond is a generic name for a double-terminated quartz crystal discovered within exposed outcrops of dolostone in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley.  …Wiccan and New Age belief systems often ascribe specific occult properties and a wide variety of mystical powers to them.

Herkimer clusterClick the image above to be taken to the Wikipedia entry. So, “occult properties” or “mystical powers,” eh? Since I AM a Herkimer Diamond, I was curious to see what those properties/powers were…

Turns out, according to the internet, that “Herkimer Diamonds are a master class crystal. They bring clarity on all levels. Herkimer Diamond crystals empower the self, providing the energy to create and manifest visions into being. Herkimer Diamonds are amazing amplifiers of energy. They seek to balance the imbalances on all levels.’

Hmmmm… So, I “possess” the power manifest visions into being? Sounds a lot like what interior designers do for a living – we bring clarity to interiors, empower our clients to seek balance and help turn “visions” into reality. Sounds about right. I AM a Herkimer Diamond.


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