Say What

Today was an odd, mixed bag of news and moments…

I learned that the father of a very close friend had passed away. Design clients – a young couple – shared with me that they were expecting their first child. I learned that someone I idolize, a legend in the home furnishings industry, recently sold her her entire business empire – her name included! – for $95 million dollars. My little store did about $12 in sales. I had a visit from an old co-worker. I had a visit from a former design client. I had a salad for lunch AND a salad for dinner. All these unrelated happenings, all these nothing-in-common moments occurred on the same day. I guess maybe every day is a little like that (I hope maybe not the $12-in-sales-thing!) but it was an interesting roller coaster of a day today: sadness, joy, awe, disappointment, remembrance, surprise and routine. For whatever reason, this image just got stuck in my brain tonight…

Magic 8 BallI hope tomorrow is equally full and exciting – maybe with the hope that the news and events all be weighted to “the good side” – no more deaths, and maybe, just maybe, sales at my business will inch closer to that $95 million dollar mark. And I’ll eat some bread…

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